. Sibilare, a trustworthy communication
. Sibilare is a data-driven communication consultancy based in Barcelona, their work starts from building trust since they generate reports for their clients to make decisions about communication problems. For this, they are based on audience data that they collect, analyze and put at the service of their client. Its object of study is the opinions, and the reason to be is the confidence.
. Sibilare needs a simple visual language that they can articulate and that fits their values:
"Opinions stain in many ways, like dots on a white plane. Each opinion is formed for different reasons and is defined by creating contextual fields. Opinions can live together as an objection or in harmony, but they always create spaces of confluence, in all Social Networks, in all communication; Sibilare can see this flow of opinions, can order and analyze it, defining it through the reliable results that we present to our clients".
To continue with this idea, I found a strategic way of expressing opinions in the halftone since opinions form images, and everything that surrounds us is debatable.
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