Eighteen years as a graphic designer, expertise in Adobe Suite and Project Management. Ten years in art direction, visual production, and front-end designer, WordPress, HTML, and CSS. I have used design, data, strategy, and narrative for three years as a brand consultant.
After many years working in design and visual languages, I have acquired wide and varied experience.
I designed Brands in Sibilare, a data-driven-based consultancy in Barcelona. 
I taught in projects for the second year of design in IDEP, Professional School of Image and Design in Barcelona.
I had my studio, Totts, where I developed roles as CEO, Creative and Project Manager, Graphics and Multimedia Designer, and commercial. 
I learned to work with clients establishing collaborations with La Boqueria, S.A. Damm, Nike, Desigual, Hard Rock Cafe, Mc Donald's, El Triangle, El Liceu, and PepsiCo, among others.
I can professionally adjust to any design brief regardless of size or complexity, as I can take a global consideration and focus on minor details.
How do I Work
 I apply strategy and design to create a visual language tailored to each brand. My designs add value, defines and enhances what makes a brand unique, and leads it to develop in an appropriate context, creating a speech aimed at an audience that needs to hear it. For this, I use my formed perception, my ability to create a narrative, my social skills, and the objective data I extract, all in a systematic and creative process.
Where I am based?
I'm based in Sabadell, near Barcelona, and I can work remotely, but I love to work also with the clients and the team, side by side.
What's my driver?
I love humanistic brands that treat the audience as a thinking being, brands that know where they want to go, and apply disruption even when the audience or the insights are formed by conservative assumptions. Unconformity is what makes us evolve.
I believe in comprehensive branding processes, born with a WHY as an answer that must be solved and placed in the middle of their future interests. Design is a tool that I use to translate, and for me, creation is communication.
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