Urban coexistence is based on artificiality. It is established, regulated, or arbitrarily settled upon recreational spaces where people satisfy common goals and return to their respective homes.
On the other hand, the neighbors are like brothers; knowing them should establish an honest relationship; after all, they are the closest people, we have not chosen them, but they are there. We share a reality that has more in common than the simple fact of living together.

Why don't we consider them? We already live with them, so why not live and share with them?
Like every learning, this should provide pleasure; learning to live together can lead us to a more pleasant life, more straightforward in resources, and rich in relationships.

Each positive relationship is created with a good feeling and is fostered with complicity.
Maria & Juana are the manifest complicities of the well-connected community. An exercise in cultivating and adopting new natural ways of relating between neighbors to grow.
To do this, take advantage of unused spaces community roofs to generate social dynamics based on enjoyment and sustainable growth.

Relationships sustain all the cities; therefore, fostering good chemistry between neighbors gives them a solid structure.

Maria & Juana, your new neighbors.
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