180th Anniversary
La Boqueria is a market located in the center of Barcelona, is one of the most important natural product markets in the world.
On the occasion of the 180th anniversary, it prepared a series of activities to demonstrate that it could define itself before the world and be an active reference in local gastronomy.
They commissioned us with a branding that we solved by recovering and redefining its values to connect and arouse the interest of a local audience that, little by little, they want to recover.

We were looking for a dynamic and modular logotype that reflexes the structural movement that is characteristic in this kind of market where it never stops; also, La Boqueria is a set of spaces, like small boxes, one next to the other, full of products, that structure is what we want to reflect.
All market traders have in common a predisposition to order their products, they know that the more organized the product is, the better it will sell. We marvel at the contrast caused by ordering a natural product. We use the gesture of the stroke to represent “the organic”, and we keep the modulation of the logo to create a product mosaic.
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