24 Segons: Signage for the physical store.
24 Segons is one of the most charismatic sports equipment stores dedicated to basketball at the Spanish level. They started in the online world and ended up opening physical stores that required a dynamic image focused on sport apparel design.
In the NBA, '24 seconds' is the maximum time that a team in possession of the ball has to score or make a shot at the basket, in other words, to attack. During that time, adrenaline rises, and the motivational phrases that each player has assimilated during their sporting journey become even more relevant.
For the physical stores, we wanted to convey the feeling of being in the opposing team's area. To achieve this, we extended the court lines throughout the space, creating the sensation of always being in the game. To keep the competitive spirit always present, we used motivational quotes from well-known NBA stars.​​​​​​​
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